Wiccan Romances

Amelia, Ben, Charlie and Sam Taylor have just learnt that they have inherited magic powers from their dad. Join them as their powers grow and they battle a long-term family enemy, all while navigating their school and love lives.
In book 1 we follow Amelia as she adapts to her powers of telekinesis and control over water alongside her new relationship with her brothers’ friend and long-time crush Aidan. Will their relationship withstand the obstacles Lia’s magic cause or will she end up with London-based suitor Edward who claims they are destined to be together due to an ancient family promise?

Amelia, Ben, Charlie and Sam Taylor have just learnt that they have inherited magic powers from their dad. Join them as their powers grow and they battle a long-term family enemy, all while navigating their school and love lives.
Sport-loving Sam has always dated girls casually but enter his sister Lia’s friend Emily, the opposite of his normal type, who catches his attention. However, he has a rival for Emily’s affection, his brother Charlie. Will Sam and Emily successfully become a couple or will Charlie prove to be an insurmountable object for this fire-controlling witch?

What people are saying

Amelia’s Story

“Good story, well written. The family and characters are well developed. You feel as though you get to know them. The plot behind this story was good but the seeds are well sown for the next three books as well. A good read.”

“Interesting story with some great characters – Buster, was a particular favourite! Can’t wait to read the others. Clever use of magic and teenage drama throughout the book!”

“This is a great little story dealing with the coming of age of four very close, but also very different, siblings. Throw into the mix some newly discovered magical powers, family rivalries, and teenage love interests, and you have a thoroughly entertaining and unputdownable read.

I can’t wait to find out what is in store for Lia and Aidan, plus getting to know the brothers better in the upcoming books.”

“I really enjoyed the balance of this story. It was not about the fantasy storyline with a touch of romance, this is a love story set in the real world with a secondary sub-story of fantasy. It was a refreshing take on all the witches and wizard-ing stories that are all about quests or prophesies – with a love story tacked on. I mean there are those (destiny and old prophesies) in this book, but they are not the focus.
The charmingly awkward love story is the hook here, the playing out of relationships between family – particularly Lia’s brothers – is what makes this such a lovely tale. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions talking about films and mundane things like take away foods. As one of many siblings, I smiled at these dialogue exchanges that really demonstrated the bonds between Lia and her brothers. It made we want to know know a lot more about her brothers, especially Ben and while I had hoped this could be explored in the book, as this is ‘Amelia’s Story’ I am hoping that the brother’s stories will be expanded on in the next Wiccan Romance instalment?
The author’s attention to detail ensured that I had a vivid mental image of Lia’s life – what she looked like, what her house was like, her routines and how she loved her pets – the nuances that make a world ‘real’. I found myself making a cup of tea whenever Lia did. I don’t normally drink tea…
For me, Edward’s sudden arrival and announcement could have elicited a more aghast response from Aidan, and perhaps this was opportunity to show how particularly antiquated the proposal was with regards to Lia’s rights as a woman, particularly in this day and age.
Further, some of the behaviour of the characters (Aidan and Edward) left me a little bewildered, though sometimes men do things that make absolutely no sense, and I’m trusting that Lia knows what she’s doing!
A few chapters in, I downloaded onto my teenage daughter’s kindle and she’s also thoroughly enjoyed, particularly the ending with Lia in the fore!”

Sam’s Story

“We get to follow the quadruplets as they struggle through school exams, form new friendships, and fall in love. These teenagers do what most of them do; play video games, watch football, meet up with friends, and bicker with their siblings. The story centres around Sam this time. His ideal girl seems hard to find, even when the right one is literally in front of his eyes, and it takes him a little while to realise it. As with all teenage romances, this one comes with its fair share of complications, but also with the added ones of the quads being part of a magical family. And in true magical fashion, they also have enemies who are intent on making their lives difficult. Throughout these challenges, we watch Sam date not one, but two other girls before realising who his true love is. Their relationship comes with some added of difficulties, though, not least overcoming the hurt and jealousy of one of the other brothers. Will they survive the magical attacks, disapproving relatives and sibling inflicted injuries?
Sam’s Story is a sweet romance that perfectly depicts the challenges teenagers go through when they first start to date, and fall in love. They have to contend with nosy brothers and sisters, insecurities, and the usual pitfalls of first time love. This book follows on very nicely from the first one, and it’s nice to see how the quadruplets have grown up a little bit more, and start to take their magical abilities a bit more seriously, however reluctant. The characters are well developed, and the settings rich in detail without overpowering the story. Even though it revolves mainly around Sam, we also get to hear more about Amelia and Aiden’s relationship from the first story, as well as the antics of the other two boys. They are a close knit set of quadruplets, and the family bond comes across really well. As with the first book, it’s well aimed at young adults, with suitable language and action. I’m sure many would be able to see themselves in exactly the same situations, except the magical ones, of course. I highly recommend this book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.”