I thought I would share with you some of my opinions on the many books I have read. This will be variety of both traditionally published and indie books. Please note that these are my personal opinions, they are not intended to be facts.

My Favourite Book

Three Fates by Nora Roberts was the first Nora Roberts book I read and it began a lifelong love affair with Nora’s many books.

This book starts with a thief on the doomed Lusitania and how he obtained the first of a mythical statue set. We are then brought forward to the present day, where we find out this statue has been stolen from its current owners. We then follow the three siblings: Malachi, Gideon and Rebecca as they search for the other two statues alongside getting theirs back from the rich but horrible Anita. The siblings travel around the world and meet (and in some instances fall in love with) a variety of different people, including: ancient Greek expert Tia Marsh, Exotic Dancer Cleo Toliver and security expert Jack Burdett. The book is a wonderful mix of romance and adventure making it my all time favourite book, I love the way the siblings squabble but work together and the way Tia grows throughout the book from a shy book worm, into a mature woman who can stand up to Anita and ultimately defeat her.
One of the greatest things about this book is that it is full of heart and humour and the story moves along at a good pace, it is neither overly bogged down in details nor is it rushed at the end.

Traditionally Published Fiction Books

Northern Light By Nora Roberts

I love this book, it’s a great combination of mystery and romance. The characters are a little bit cliched but it didn’t stop me from loving how Nate went about pursuing the stubborn and independent Meg. I liked the way Nora portrayed the mother/ daughter relationship, showing that despite their troubled past and differences, the two did truly love each other and wanted to be their. I was a massive fan of the mayor, i just loved the way she controlled her town and everyone in it, it’s good to see a woman in power and that most of the people respected her. The mystery is well written and does leave you wanting more every time you are forced to put the book down, the hunt for X is well thought out and the way Nora has written it makes it hard to guess who the killer is until the end when Nate remembers something innocuous he had seen. I’m a big animal lover, so i was pleased that the book contained so many dogs and a moose, they just add a little of fun to the story, without taking away from the action. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good romantic suspense novel. 

Falling For Gracie by Susan Mallery

This is one of the most perfect feel good books I have read. I had already fallen in love with Los Lobos but Gracie may be one of my favourite characters ever, she is so full of heart that you can’t help but root for her and Riley. Her embarrassment at her actions when she was younger is so endearing as is Riley’s dry wit. I felt really sorry for Gracie with her family situation and was outraged when someone tried to destroy her baking reputation. I loved the way Riley slowly started to become interested in Gracie, despite all her antics and how protective he became of her, to the point of wanting to show the town that Gracie loved him despite the money he was due to inherit. The way that Gracie eventually got Riley to propose, prior to the mayoral vote over his objections was perfect and truly fitting of both characters and their love story. A wonderful feel good book that I know I will read again and again.

A Fool’s Gold Christmas by Susan Mallery

I fell in love with this story, I really enjoyed the Stryker brothers books and the book about Evie did not disappoint. The characters are adorable and you find yourself hoping that they stay together forever. This is a wonderful Christmas love story 😀

Indie Books

A Killer Among Us by Deborah Byington

This was a thrilling book, right from the first chapter you are grabbed by a gruesome murder. Colby has a bad first day but she is more than capable of handling everything her new job throws at her. Despite only being a rookie, Colby is great at putting patterns together and is more than up to the task of finding the killer. There is also a side story with the beginnings of a romance between Colby and Tom Vitali which is sweet and I am looking forward to seeing how their relationship develops in the next book in this fantastic series.

Diamonds, Teak and Murder by A M Ialacci

This is my first novel by A M Ialacci and I can honestly say that it won’t be my last, I was hooked from the very first page. I admire the way she wrote her characters and i was amazed by how realistic Ryan felt. I was impressed with Allie, she showed real guts and determination throughout the novel, not just with regards to the murder but how she deals with Ryan and her relationships with Mike and her colleagues. The story line was well structured and kept you guessing right up till the last page.

Helene Minto- The Dogs Who Came Down From Heaven

What a beautifully written story, this book broke my heart and put it back together again. I loved Ebony and Miley, Helene made them feel so real, I laughed at some of Miley’s antics and smiled at Ebony. When Ebony was poisoned, I got a tear in my eye but when Miley was hit by the truck, I had to put the book down to wipe my eyes. I felt so bad for Annie and wanted to give her a hug. When Helene first proposed the theory of reincarnation, I was a little bit sceptical about how she was going to pull it off but she did so wonderfully. I felt Stuart and Annie’s attachment to their new dogs and I liked the way Heidi and Lilly were similar to their predecessors and I once again began to smile.

I loved the end of the book, where Helene added in some food for thought and some photos of her inspiration for Ebony, Miley, Heidi and Lilly. This was such an original idea and something that just made me love the book more.

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara

This was a fascinating read, Michelle’s writing really emphasised the evilness of the Golden State Killer and reading some parts of the book were chilling. As a true crime book I genuinely think it will be hard to top and I’m glad this book was the first one I read cover to cover because it is a truly impressive piece of writing. However, I also think it serves as a warning to all of us about how bad obsession can be, between reading this book and watching the HBO series with the same name, you can see that this book/ the Golden State Killer was really all that Michelle thought about, she forgot her anniversary numerous times (something she admits to in the book) and would often work while spending time with her daughter, something that shouldn’t have happened and there is the fact she had to self medicate to sleep, something which ultimately led to her death because she couldn’t sleep due to the horrors of what she was reading. It shows the importance of taking a step back and not letting things consume you but that in itself just adds to the power of this book.