About Me

Hi, I’m Nicola, a self-published author in my late twenties.

The first novel of my Wiccan Romances series, Amelia’s story, was published in 2019, with Book Two, Sam’s story following in 2020 and these are available for purchase. To complete the series, I am working hard on Books Three and Four and even considering a fifth book. More details can be found on the Wiccan Romances Page. 😊

Hard at work in my make shift offfice

Writing has been calling to me for years. I often worked on stories in my spare time since my school days, where I frequently spent my lunch hour sat in the library scribbling away. The initial premise for my current series came to me as an idea when I was supposed to be writing a History coursework during a snow week.

My Harry Potter books ❤

As a child I loved reading fantasy books and the Harry Potter novels were my favourite. I remember being so excited when each novel was published to get a copy on the day, then racing my cousin to see who could finish the book first. Sometimes one of us stayed up and read through the night.

With my CS Lewis and Roald Dahl collections

Another early memory of reading late into the night was when I had a babysitter and suddenly seeing my parents’ headlights pulling into the drive, I had to quickly turn off my lamp so they would think I was asleep rather than reading.

I am an avid reader and have a huge collection of books, whilst my bookshelves are filled with thrillers and romance novels now, this was not always the case. I still have all my Harry Potter, Roald Dahl and C S Lewis books in a box in the attic.

Books and DVDs fill the walls of my bedroom 🙂

Despite my love of writing, I initially followed another career path, heading to the University of Huddersfield to study law. This was inspired by watching Legally Blonde as a kid and deciding to be like Elle Woods. Before deciding to pursue writing full time I worked in a couple of different law firms as a paralegal and worked as a fraud analyst at a bank.

Some photos of my various work stations while I’m writing

I don’t like sitting in the same place for too long, so I tend to move around when writing.

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